FNCT Workshop

FNCT Workshop is among the division of FUJAIRAH NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION & TRANSPORT CO. GROUP, providing and maintaining the good condition of transport vehicles & heavy equipments.

We have four sections namely: (1) Welding & Machine shop Section in charge for the welding of materials, denting & painting, fabrication of mechanical parts and other materials; (2) Electrical & A/C Section deals with the electrical & A/C repairs; (3) Mechanical Section in charge for the mechanical repairs from small problem of transport vehicles & heavy equipment to major problems; and lastly (4) Service Center Section facilitate major services, top-up service, weekly checkup for transport vehicles & heavy equipment not just for our sister companies but also for the outside customers.

FNCT Workshop established its division way back 1990. It underwent many changes for years that had passed and it built good services for our sister companies as well as outside companies.