Health and Safety Environment

FNCT is fully committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all its employee and sub-contractors. To this objectives we will:

  • Establish safe and healthy procedures and practices in all operations and strive towards an incident – free workplace
  • Provide properly engineered facilities, plant and equipment and maintain them in a safe and secure condition
  • Providing training to enable staff to work in a healthy and safe way
  • Undertake health and safety awareness and education campaigns.

The following principles are to be used as the basis to achieve this policy:

The company senior management will be actively involved in the execution of this policy. All managers and supervisors are responsible for maintaining safe work place.

The work force must be made aware that safety objectives are equal importance to all other business objectives and that they are personally responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

The development of the company “Quality Culture” by the provision of suitable training, providing high quality equipment and by progressively improving the conditions of service of all staff.

At every stage of operations FNCT affirms its commitment to a policy that accords the utmost regard for the natural environment. To achieve this policy FNCT will:

  • Undertake all operation with proper regard for the environment, and strive to reduce environmental risk to an acceptable level.
  • Provide staff training and awareness program.
  • Participate in environmental initiatives and regulatory developments.

This policy will be regularly monitored to ensure that all objectives are fully complied with. It will be reviewed on a regular basis and, if necessary, revised in the light of legislative or organizational changes.

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